My first ad was posted locally on Craig’s list and our first customer was from Tracy, California.  Our second customer that same week was on the East Coast – he worked very hard to locate our local posting.  Within weeks we had a website and from there we received hundreds of emails and phone calls each month.  We could not keep up with the demand and had a lot to learn.

We  hear from consumers all across the country like you who were thrilled to find a high end product for their swing cushions and canopy using the best outdoor fabric available.

The learning curve has been challenging.  Couldn't have come this far without my original seamstress, and a few others along the way, and the four awesome people who came aboard.   We frequently receive testimonials from appreciative customers.   

With the perseverance which comes with an entrepreneurial spirit we continue to grow by meeting a need.  I have our customers to thank for their encouragement.  

We’re not your average company, no huge warehouse or call center

Just a handful of folks manufacturing products made in the USA, where we believe quality matters.  We strive to provide great customer service.  We are proud of our product and are passionate about what we do.  


I wondered if there was some service I could provide giving customers another option other than pitching their swing set altogether and buying a new one.  That hardly made sense, given the fabric that came with the new patio swing could not be expected to last any longer than the earlier swing.

I decided on Sunbrella fabric because the patio chairs in my backyard (made using
Sunbrella fabric) had lasted me twenty years (funny how time flies)…and I
didn’t even take very good care of them.  Furthermore, I discovered in the vast majority of cushions that the inside densified polyester filling was good quality and durable.  So why not just make new covers for the cushions to reduce the cost.

In order to make quality replacement canopies and cushion covers I needed a professional.  I hired a canvas and awning seamstress to make a set with her industrial machine.  It turned out beautiful, and the workmanship was excellent.  We struck up an agreement, and began getting to work. 

​​After some further research on patio swings from other retailers I found that it was common for the fabric to fade or wear quickly. Warranty replacements are typically only available a few years.  And, those replacements are same low quality as the original.

Patio Swings are inexpensive initially, but the fabric quality does not measure up to
the quality of the frames.  Essentially all patio swings are made overseas for as cheaply as possible. Although our research revealed the frames themselves to be quite sturdy and durable, the fabric is not. Hundreds of thousands of similar outdoor patio swing sets were sold from major retailers.

About Us

Quality and affordability is our number one priority.
"Warranty replacements are typically only available a few years. And, most often those replacements don't last long either."

"Patio Swings are inexpensive initially, but the fabric quality does not measure up tothe quality of the frames."

"We decided on Sunbrella fabric because the patio chairs in my backyard (made using Sunbrella fabric) had lasted me twenty years" 

Sometimes it’s nice to know about the company where you’re buying your products.We're a small business making products in the USA! 

I started this business quite by accident.  I had spent four months searching for a replacement canopy and cushions for my own off brand outdoor patio swing in 2007.  I visited every retailer in the area, called several retail chains and after surfing the internet discovered they simply weren’t available.

When my Parents also needed a replacement canopy and cushions for their swing I went to an upholstery shop  - in fact I went to a few and was amazed at the cost to make a replacement because it was essentially custom work.  

Coincidentally that summer I walked into Costco Warehouse and observed a customer so frustrated that the fabric on the patio swing he had purchased from them had literally disintegrated in two years, he was standing in Customer Service waiting to return the entire swing for a refund. ​