Basic Sling Measuring Guide

Although you may have a  Futon style sling on your existing patio swing you can replace it with a Basic sling – which is the most affordable.  Most slings that came from the factory came futon style (for lack of a better word).  Many of these type fold down into a bed - the sling has sleeves on all four sides.

Measuring for a Basic Sling:  Print this and tell us if you want to order the Basic Style

  1. _____ Width of existing sling (as shown above)
  2. _____ If the original sling is missing provide the inside width of the frame (left to right)
  3. _____ Distance from front of knee bar (outside dimension) to center of horizontal middle bar
  4. ______Distance from center horizontal middle bar to top of headrest bar (outside dimension)

Note:  Many swing are riveted together where the middle horizontal bar joins the seat frame to the backrest frame.  You will need to drill out the rivets and replace with bolts and nuts in order to replace your sling.  We make our sleeves extra wide to make installation easier.

We use Denier 600 Speclok fabric / 3 year warranty / Khaki color only.  Typical price is $74 to $94 depending on size.

We also offer an Updgraded Awntex 70 PVC coated Polyester open weave fabric is available with $25 upcharge / 5 year warranty / Beige or Spruce

If you do not find your model on our website - email us a full photo of your swing with your dimensions to:  customerservice@swingcushioncovers.com.  Be sure to include your full name and phone number.  And make sure you number your measurements above 1, 2, 3, 4

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