1.  About us

We are not affiliated with any manufacturer, retailer, or brand.  We are a small company.  All products are made to order - we have very few items in stock.  We do not carry any metal or plastic parts.  We specialize only in patio swings and their fabric.

2.  Why are your prices so high?

Made in USA - quality and durability.  Our canopies and cushions are made only with Sunbrella awning grade fabric which comes with the outstanding 10 year Sunbrella fabric limited warranty.  We cannot compete with items imported from China (gardenwinds) and Taiwan (TSY) - plus we offer up to 10x the warranty on the fabric than those cheap replacements.  Go to Sunbrella.com to read more about their excellent fabrics - Sunbrella is the premier fabric manufacturer in the USA and has been for more than 50 years.

3.  Are items in stock?

As a small company who only specializes in patio swings we make over 100 different products.  Plus, we give you a fabric color choice so it is not possible for us to sew our products and carry items in multiple colors.  In most cases you will wait 3 to 5 weeks for us to ship.  If you have a special event and need delivery by a specific date we will make every effort to meet that date for you. 

Because we use only Sunbrella® brand awning fabric which comes with the manufacturers 10 year fabric warranty we know you will be enjoying your patio swing for many trouble free years we believe you should have a selection of fabric. 

Also, there are literally dozens and dozens of patio swing styles that have been sold over
the years.  At this point in time we do not have the resources to stock up on multiple fabric selections for every brand and model.

4.  I need a patio swing seating support replacement fabric sling. Do you make these? 

Yes, we do.  We are the only on-line store to custom make slings.  

There are dozens of styles and most “slings” can be replaced.  However, some
swing seating units are riveted where the middle horizontal bar connects the seat frame to the backrest frame - so you may need to drill out a few rivets and replace with a nut and bolt.  Shown above is both a Futon style sling (left photos) and a Basic sling (right photo).  You do not need to replace a futon sling with like kind - they can be replaced with a Basic sling - this saves you money.

We make slings custom fit to your frame dimensions.   While not made out of Sunbrella fabric we do use a Denier Speclok 600 Fabric with a 3 year warranty and offer an upgraded Awntex 70 open weave fabric with a 5 year warranty.  Available in limited colors - beige, green, and khaki.

Many models are already available for purchase through our store.  Please search for your model before you contact us.  When you do we will need you to first read about slings (see left orange column menu) and provide us dimensions.  We also require a full view photo of your swing (not just the seat).  We may recognize it.  But also we want to catalog all custom sized slings and then add them to our website for other customers to find.

We do not make sling replacements for certain types.  If you have a sling type patio swing model that did not originally come with cushions these require exact measurements and are attached to the frame thru channels.  We cannot make these.  There are a few companies on-line that do these....search "sling replacement" for those companies.

5.  Do you have discounts or sales?

No.  The only items we offer discounted is our Clearance section of miscellaneous items that may have some flaws.  September thru February is a good time to check with us when we have more time to inventory and work with you on your needs.

6.  What is a cushion cover?

While not a full cushion including the polyester filling.  Our custom made, custom sized cushion covers are designed to save you money. 

a)  The original densified poly fiberfill material is typically good quality and fully recyclable.  It cuts down on costs for customers and encourages recycling.
b)  Cost to ship a full cushion can get expensive.

c)  Our cushions covers are bench style and come with full length zippers, and ties to secure to your frame.

7.  Can I buy the Polyester fiberfill for my cushion locally?

Densified Polyfill for outdoor cushions is always a layered product and comes in varying densities and loft.  Many upholstery shops will carry it.  Typically fabric stores will not carry the type you will need.  You will want a quality denseness of 2 to 3 ounce psft.  Layer it to get the thickness you want.  Adhesive may be desired to help keep the layers secure.

8.  Where I can get patio swing parts? 

We do not carry parts.  If your swing is not too old and you know your model or brand you might try going directly to the brand website.   These companies each carry some warranty parts for many major retailers.  They do not have a website.

~  TSY Services  800-585-9969 / 562-207-9070 Santa Fe Springs, CA

~  Courtyard Creations (Canada) 1-877-539-7436  

This company is in Canada and they have limited customer service hours.  Any patio swing that began with the model "RUS" was sold by this company.

Be prepared to tell them where you purchased your swing and provide the model number or
model name and the year you purchased it or Fax or email them a photo - and  be sure to let us know so we can share this information with our customers.

9.  Do you make Weather Protective Covers for swings?

We do not offer weather covers for your entire swing.  These can be found in varying sizes on the internet.   However, we do make custom Weather Protective Covers for your Cushion to keep it clean and dry.  Our exclusive design.

10.  What if my cushion is attached to the frame? 

There are two basic types of patio swing seating cushions.  Those that have removable cushions and the type of cushion which cannot be removed without disassembling you seating frame.  If you have the non-removable type you should watch our Youtube video on our Swing Cushion Covers channel which feature the more common types.  Here is a direct link to that type of cushion and demonstrates how we have redesigned this type to be "removable".  Costco Cushion Replacement

Some patio swings sold by Walmart, Costco or Home Depot did not have removable cushions.  These patio swings have three horizontal seating bars; one behind the knee one in the middle and one behind the backrest. The exposed side of the cushion fabric is sewn to the backside “sling” fabric (the piece that is either made of a canvas type material or an open mesh material).  The sling has sleeves for the bars to slide through.

The removable version allows storage in inclement weather and is easier to clean and can be reversed so that you get extended wear from the fabric.

If you can't afford a complete replacement cushion for these styles you can purchase a separate "sling" and put your own cushions on top of the replacement sling.

9.  Why do you charge more than what we paid for the swing?

Our products are made in the USA.  We use only the best outdoor fabric, thread, and materials for our product.  The product is sewn right here in California.  Skilled seamstress, fabric, equipment and overhead is expensive.  When you choose to order from us it is made with pride and helps employ American workers.  We believe we provide an alternative to costly upholstery or awning shops for our services.  We are not a factory, just a small business whose goal is to produce a durable, quality product.

Because we use only Sunbrella® brand awning grade fabric which is solution dyed to resist fading and has superior water repellency and UV protection it is made to hold up to sun and weather and is easy to brush off dust and dirt.   In many cases Sunbrella fabric will outlast the original fabric 3 to 5 times!

Fabric Care and Cleaning instructions are included with each order.

10.  What is your return policy?

As all orders are custom made we do require payment for the product before it is put into production.  Customers should always verify their dimensions.  We are not responsible for verifying customer dimensions.  We rely on our years of expertise and the information we have been provided.  Read our full policy on the Warranty page.

Customers must pay shipping for returns or exchanges.  Orders for special order custom colors or custom items, non-standard, non-stock products may not be returned.  If we can resell the item (as determined on a case by case basis) you will be charged a 30% stocking fee if requesting a refund.

11.  Do you make cushion covers for patio chairs or other outdoor furniture?

Yes, for many types we certainly can.  Once you receive your new patio swing canopy, cushion, or cushion cover you may want to coordinate fabric for your other furniture.  Keep in mind we only make covers for your patio chair cushions.  We do not include the polyester fill.  These would come with zippers to easily reinsert your existing batting and ties if requested. We can only accept these type of orders October thru February.

12.  Do you ship internationally?   

Currently we only ship in the U.S. and Canada.  Prices are USD

13.  Do you offer free shipping?

No - sorry. We cannot compete with Amazon. We are a small independent female owned and operated company.  We do charge shipping and handling.




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