Typical Futon style Sling shown with side sleeves  – no extra bolt cut-outs.  We have been making sling replacements since 2008.  In our experience this type of sling can be replaced with a basic sling with no side perimeter sleeves.  A Basic Sling has only the three horizontal sleeves.  Saves you money.

Many frames require you drill out one rivet and replace with a nut and bolt at the middle bar          

*Measure where cut-out is positioned, how wide and deep.

Futon Sling Measuring Guide

Position of bolt cutouts may vary

Futon style Swing

Locate your patio swing model at this link


Sling with wing sleeves on seat only and backrest cut out

If your model is not shown please email us a photo of your full entire swing as we may recognize it and have dimensions in our files.

Measuring Instructions for Futon Style Sling showing perimeter side sleeves and bolt cutouts

Study your seating frame and determine whether you can free up the center horizontal bar for installation. You may need to drill out rivets and replace them with bolts and nuts.

If your seating frame is constructed using two U-shaped bars; one U shape for the seat and one for the backrest, we will make the horizontal sleeve for the knee and headrest 6” wide for ease of installation

There are many variations of futon style slings.  Some have very specific knotch cut outs to accommodate frame bolts.