Sling Measuring Guide

What kind of sling do you have?

Futon Sling

Basic Sling

We specialize in making replacement slings for all makes and models of patio swings.  First - search our slings (click the link in the green header above) to see if you see your model already in our store.

If you do not see your model - no problem we will make one for you.  We offer two grades of fabric;

1)  Denier 600 Speclok / 3 year warranty / Khaki

2)  Upgraded Awntex 70 open weave fabric / 5 year warranty / Beige or Spruce

Did you know that even if your original sling fabric came in the Futon style shown on the right above - with sleeves around all four sides - you can replace it with a Basic sling - shown on the left.  A Basic Sling is more affordable and will likely last just as long.