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Swing Cushion Covers And More Replacement Patio Swing Canopies and Cushions


Do you own an outdoor patio swing?

Swing Cushion Covers and More Replacement Patio Swing replacement cushions and canopies best quality and most durable of all on-line stores.


Rather than add to our landfills refurbish your patio swing with the most durable outdoor fabric.  It makes more sense to have us make you durable cushion covers or full cushion replacement in a color of your choice than to buy a whole new cushion which may only be available in low grade fabric.  If you don't see your model do contact as we specialize in all makes and models! 


It's the durability that sets us apart. Our canopies and cushion covers are made with Sunbrella™  fabric which comes with an outstanding 10 year warranty from the manufacturer. We guarantee quality and fit.  Made to last right here in the U.S.A. 

We offer canopies, cushions, cushion covers and seating slings custom made to fit your swing. You can also order bolster pillows or armrests for your patio swing to complete the look and order custom cushion weather covers to help keep the cushions clean and dry.  No matter what your brand or model we can work with you to make a quality product for your swing.

Chances are the canopy and outdoor cushion fabric that came with your 2, 3  or 4 person patio swing began fading and breaking down in a few short years.

So why throw them out?  Finally there's a solution to low quality fabric. Rather than toss out a perfectly good patio swing frame, you can simply replace the canopy and cushion with durable fabric!

Refurbish and Recycle your patio swing with Sunbrella fabric!  The premier outdoor furniture fabric manufacturer made in the U.S.A.  In the long run it's not economical to replace your entire swing with a new set if the fabric will not hold up to sun, dirt and weather.   And, it's a hassle to have to disassemble and dispose of the old set, and then reassemble the new set.